Friday, May 24, 2013

Joe Knows RO Filters

RO Filters Replacement
Do you have a Reverse Osmosis system, commonly referred to as RO system, under your sink? When was the last time you crawled under there and changed out your RO filters? Is your membrane still good or do you need a new one?

Joe Filter offers a replacement service for your RO filters for just about what you would spend on buying the filters yourself! We will replace the micro sediment filters, carbon filters, inline or post filters, and test your water to make sure your membrane is performing as it should, if not we will replace that too.

Joe Filter also offers RO system swap outs. If you have an older system or one that isn't performing like it used to we can swap out your system for a new one. This is also great for bringing some additional savings into your home by replacing a system that has expensive non universal filter sizes with a model that will help you keep some cash in your pocket.

To get a RO System Filter Replacement scheduled give us a call today at 1-800 940-0000
RO Filter Replacement