Saturday, June 1, 2013

Arizona Monsoon Season

Arizona Monsoon 

If you haven't had the luxury to experience an Arizona monsoon you are missing out on the thrill of a lifetime. Whether its a minor dust storm or a destructive thunderstorm, most Arizonans prefer to stay inside and out of the storm.

When you think of a typical Arizona summer day, you think of laying by the pool soaking up the beams of sunshine. Most Arizonans do not think of the approaching dreaded monsoon season that takes place between June 15th and September 30th.

Need a crash course on what to expect during a monsoon?

You should expect heavy winds blowing dirt and dust, making visibility sometimes impossible. Lightning and thunder may occur with a down pour of rain. Don't be caught unprepared. Keep your windows closed at home and in your car. Just the slightest crack can cause hours of cleaning.

The Arizona monsoon can lead to heavy dirt and dust in the air. Your home air conditioning system has to work harder to circulate the air inside your home when your air filters are full of dirty from the storms.

We recommend changing your air filters at least every other month. Ordering some filters from will get the job done and won't cost you in gas, time, or even shippping. 

During Monsoon Madness:

  • Obey all warning signs especially "Do Not Cross When Flooded"

  • Be cautious of oils and other automotive fluids on the roads when driving in the rain

  • Restricted visibility when driving? Reduce your speed and continue driving. Turn on your hazard blinking lights to help notify other drivers on the road where you are.

  • Need to pull over during a storm? Keep your hazard lights blinking and slowly merge to the far right, turn off your car, turn off your lights, and keep your foot on the brake pedal. *Keeping your foot on the brake pedal will help notify other drivers you are stopped.

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