Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fridge Filters: What Do They Actually Do?

Fridge Filters

Fridge Filters...

Many refrigerators have water and ice dispensers built into them. The majority of these fridges have a water filter somewhere in or on it. But, just what exactly does that fridge filter do? Sure it 'filters' the water, but what is it removing? What should be expected from a fridge filter? When should it be replaced?

Most refrigerator water filters contain a compressed carbon block which removes and/or reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water. The carbon block absorbs some impurities like a sponge and holds other impurities holds them on its surface like a magnet.

So which contaminants do refrigerator water filters remove?

Refrigerator water filters remove contaminants from the water you drink and the ice your fridge makes. The contaminants removed depends on the specific water filter you use.  Most water filters remove the bad taste and odor associated with chemicals like chlorine. More advanced water filters remove sediments, microbial cysts-bacteria, chlorine, inorganic chemicals, and metals.

All filters at Joe Filter are Made in the USAReplacing that fridge filter every six months is very important because as the fridge filter removes the contaminants from your drinking water, it holds them in the filter casing. Eventually, the filter will be too full to hold any more contaminants and you run the risk of all that junk getting into your system! Many fridges have a light scheduled to turn on six months to remind you to change the filter. Some people might ignore this light or just reset the reminder, but do you really want to take risks with the water you drink and the appliance that keeps your foods from spoiling?

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