Friday, January 3, 2014

Joe Filter: Creating a New Market of In-Home Services

Joe Filter: Creating a New Market of In-Home Services

A New Home Service Company in Gilbert Arizona Creates a Home Filter Replacement Service

Gilbert, AZ January 2nd, 2014 -
If you have trouble remembering to change all the filters that keep your home’s air and water clean, the new home service offered by Joe Filter might be just what you need.

Joe Filter’s goal is to take the hassle out of home filter replacement. It hopes to achieve this by offering a one of a kind in-home service that allows customers to select from a list of home maintenance services such as air, fridge, and RO filter replacement, as well as detector batteries and light bulb replacement, water softener salt top off, vacuum cleanouts, and BBQ cleanups. People can pick the services they want and the frequency they want them performed without contracts or commitments.

“Nobody wants to spend their free time buying and installing filters and batteries.” says Joe Jackson, owner of Joe Filter. “...between finding the right size and remembering to pick them up, it’s no wonder we are being met with such a positive response.”

Joe Filter had its soft launch in late 2012 and worked with select “beta” customers to perfect their home service while working toward its goals as a national franchise. Joe Filter is currently serving Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities.

Joe Filter is a home service company that specializes in home filter replacement. Services include replacement of Air Filters, Refrigerator Filters, Reverse Osmosis Filters (RO), Smoke Detector Batteries, Light Bulbs, Water Softener Salt Top Offs, Vacuum Cleanouts, and BBQ Cleanups.

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