Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Annual spring cleaning is not just about tidying up, its also about improving your health by maintaining important healthy home maintenance items.   

Number 1: Fresh Air Filter

Replacing your dirty, polluted air filter should be on the top of your spring cleaning list. Its about that time of year when we start turning our HVAC systems on to circulate the spring air. Replacing your air filter is important because leaving that dirty air filter installed reduces the quality of your indoor air. Replace your air filters with a fresh air filter to improve the quality of your indoor air. See our tips on replacing your air filters.

Number 2: Replace Your Batteries

Only working smoke detectors save lives. Replace your smoke detector batteries during your annual spring cleaning. Smoke Detector Battery Tips

Number 3: Dust Your Light Bulbs

The dust on your light bulb heats up when lit. Sometimes that dust when heated can give off an unpleasant smell. Don't forget to dust your light bulbs.

Number 4: Clean Your Vacuum

Take the time to clean your vacuum, its worked very hard and deserves some TLC.

Number 5: Keep Air Circulating

When you are knee deep in scrubbing with harsh chemicals, remember its important to circulate your indoor air by opening a window, turning on exhausts fans, or turning your HVAC system fan on. See our post on scenting your air filters to give your circulated air a great scent!