Thursday, July 17, 2014

Arizona Monsoon Safety

Arizona's monsoon season can sneak up on your real quick! Here is some information about the Arizona monsoon and some tips to keep you safe if you get caught in a storm.  

Monsoon Weather Conditions

  1. June 15th through September 30th each year
  2. Pay attention to your local weather broadcast station for current weather conditions
  3. Dust storms, damaging winds, flash floods, lightning, thunderstorms, wildfires, & tornadoes
  4. Lightning will strike about 500,000  more info
  5. Greatest number of consecutive monsoon days on record was 72 in 1984 records
  6. Keep your pets inside during monsoon conditions

Driving Safety

  1. Expect impaired driving conditions and use caution
  2. Pay attention to your local news broadcasting station to get updates on road closures, floods, and accidents
  3. If you need to pull off the road - Slowly pull off to the side of the road as far to the right as possible, turn off your car, turn off your lights, and keep your foot off the brake pedal. Otherwise, drivers may come up quickly behind you assuming that you're still in motion.  Safety & prep