Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Healthy Home This Fall Starts With The Air You Breathe

Make it a priority to get your home healthy this fall. This week we challenge you to improve the air quality inside your home by completing these two home cleaning tasks.

The air inside your home is important, but are you doing your part to keep it clean? Keeping the air inside your home clean can be as simple as replacing your air filters and making time for a good thorough vacuuming.

Cross these 2 Fall Hit List items off your list and help improve your home's air quality.

#1 Replace Your Air Filters

Replacing your air filters seems simple, but how many people actually do it? Protect your investment and do your part to make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently. This fall order a supply of fresh air filters. Changing your air filter every 30 days can help relieve allergy symptoms, reduce dust, and reduce air pollution inside your home. Breathe in the difference this fall and replace your air filters.

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#2 Thorough Vacuuming

Improve your home's air quality this fall by vacuuming the areas in your home you often skip. It's recommended to vacuum high traffic areas at least once week to help reduce dirt and dust buildup. This week tackle the areas in your home you usually skip when vacuuming.  We've put together a few suggestions for you to help improve your indoor air quality this fall.

Vacuum Hit List
  • behind your fridge 
  • lamp shades and lighting fixtures 
  • sliding door track 
  • window sills and window track 
  • behind your furniture 
  • baseboards 
The air inside your home is important to your health. Start this fall off right by improving the air quality inside your home.