Monday, June 29, 2015

Tips For Your Home During a Haboob

Summer time is not all sunshine for states in the south west. June 15th through September 30th marks the period for monsoon thunderstorms. Haboobs, or strong dust storms, are just one part of the monsoon thunderstorms. What is an Haboob? Haboobs are a giant wall of dust accompanied with thunderstorms, lightning, and very high winds.

Tips for your home during a Haboob dust storm:
  • Keep your windows and door shut and locked during a dust storm. Dirt and debris will find a way inside your home. 
  • Turn off your A/C unit or HVAC system. This will ensure that the system does not suck in dirt during the Haboob dust storm and bring it indoors.
  • Keep away from windows, they can break if the winds are strong enough.
  • Keep a flashlight handy just incase the power goes out.
After the Haboob dust storm has passed, before turning on your HVAC system, take a broom and sweep the dirt off of the outside of your system. This will decrease the amount of dust that may stir up when turning on your A/C.

Besides the heavy collection of dust, the effects of dust storms can linger for days, worsening our air quality and causing many people to have difficulty breathing. Replace your air filters after a large dust storm to help improve your home's air quality and remove debris out of your air.

If you find yourself driving during a monsoon thunderstorm it is important to stay calm and be alert. According to Pull Aside - Stay Alive, if you cannot continue driving safely, you should...
  1. Pull off ot the side of the road
  2. Turn off your vehicle
  3. Set your emergency brake
  4. Take your foot off the brake
  5. Turn off all lights
  6. Remain with your seatbelt buckled