Friday, February 12, 2016

Fiberglass vs. Pleated Filters: Which Are Better?

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What kind of air filter is best for your HVAC system, a pleated air filter or a fiberglass air filter?  This is a question has been debated for a long time.  However, the fact of the matter is that pleated air filters will help keep your air ducts and the air you breathe cleaner over all. Ergo pleated air filters are better!

Figure 1

Now many on the other side of this argument will usually claim that a fiber glass filter will put less stress on your A/C system.  This is can be true if you do not change your filters regularly. Pleated air filters are made to allow the the proper amount of air through them, so long as you change them the recommended amount. However, the rating of filter you want to use all depends on the system you have. Older systems should use lower ratings so as not to overwork them whereas newer systems can
use higher ratings.

Now the reason they say pleated filter puts more strain on your system is because depending on its rating (see Figure 1) it will catch everything from from dust and pollen to smoke and bacteria. Whereas a fiberglass filter will only catch some dust and lint... maybe. Being as the pleated filters catch so much more, by the end of the month they can be fairly clogged making it more difficult for air to pass through if they do not get changed.

The fact is if you want clean air you need a filter that will actually filter the air.  If you are worried about remembering to change them every month you can always put your home on autopilot with Joe Filter... or you can order your filters online from us.

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