Thursday, January 26, 2017

Could Not Changing Your Filters Make You Sick?!

Filter changes are not exactly what you wake up excited about... But could not changing your filters make you sick? The answer is YES, it could. 

Now we are not saying that forgetting to change your filters here and there is going to give you some crazy disease that throws the world into chaos, resulting in having to fight off mutant beavers for food... but anything is possible. Most likely forgetting to change filters will result in much milder problems, but still problems nonetheless.

For instance air filters are recommended to be changed once a month.  If you put off doing this dust and dirt can accumulate on the filter to the point where your filter will not let your HVAC system draw in any air.  This can cause strain on your HVAC system, higher energy bills and your homes air no longer being circulated and filtered.  Without your air being circulated and filtered dust and germs can become more prevalent.  Resulting in anyone with allergies or asthma to be at higher risks of attack.  As well as heightening your chances of getting sick.

100 Common Water Toxins
Not changing your water filters, such as RO and fridge filters, can also cause problems.  If you put it off too long the filters may begin leaching the contaminants they've collected back into your drinking water, only in much higher quantities. Drinking these contaminants in higher doses could result in a variety of adverse health problems.  Illness that could come from this would depend on what contaminants and toxins are leached back into your water. Click on the picture to the right for a list of common water toxins.

The moral of this story is, keep yourself and your home healthy and change your filters regularly. 

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