Monday, July 17, 2017

Where Do I Find My Air Filters?

You know your homes air filters need to be changed every month, but you haven't a clue where they are in your home! Don't worry you are not a lone. This is something many people wonder about when getting ready to change their filters, and we are here to help.

Most of the time your air filters will be located in a return vent along your ceiling. Sometimes it can be located along your walls too, so that it is easier to get too. The return is typically square shaped and located in an open room so as not to be accidentally shut off from the rest of the house.  This is because the return needs to be able to intake air from the entire house so that the filter can filter the air properly.

Air Filters can also be found in a the air handler in your HVAC closet if you have one in your house. These are typically located in the
basement or attic and are the heart of your HVAC system.  Some homes will even have air filters both in returns and in the air handlers.  The best idea would be to search your home for both and see what you can find.

If you still cannot find your air filters or just do not have the time to look we recommend contacting a local pro to come out and check them for you.

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