Thursday, August 17, 2017

Get Rid of Bad Odors in your Home!

Unpleasant odors are never fun, especially if they are in your home! Once they are in your home the question is how do you get rid of them?  Below I will go over four ways on how to rid your home of bad odors! 

1.) Coffee Beans

Yes that's right, coffee beans can actually help to rid your home of unpleasant smells and nasty odors.  Coffee beans are able to absorb tastes and odors in their vicinity if left exposed to the air.  Leaving them exposed does not have to look tacky either.  many people like to put the beans in small lace or mesh bags to leave around the home or in a decorative bowl (similar to how you would display potpourri). For extra odor elimination some recommend mixing ground coffee in with the whole beans.

2.) Cinnamon Sticks

Similar to coffee beans, cinnamon sticks can help cover up and rid your home of nasty odors.  Simply placing small bundles of the sticks around your home in key locations where the most activity is, will help remove some of the bad odors.  If you have some really strong odors you need to get rid of, use the cinnamon sticks in a simmer pot.  This will help to fill your home with a pleasant aroma to replace the bad odors.

3.) Air Filters

Using air filters is by far one of the most effective ways to get rid of odors in your home.  There are two primary ways to use air filters to get rid of odors in your home.  The first way is to drip your favorite smelling essential oils onto the back of your air filters before installing them. This way as the air in your home gets pulled through the filter it will pick up the scent of the essential oil and your duct system will distribute the smell throughout your home. If you dont have essential oils, vanilla extract will work too.

The second way to use a carbon air filters.  Carbon air filters are specialty filters that are made for the purpose of odor absorption.  Carbon is naturally able to absorb contaminants and other causes of odors in your air.  As the air passes through the filter it gets trapped in the carbon and only the fresh clean smelling air gets through.

4.) Air Duct Cleaning

If the odor in your home stems from your ductwork, you may want to look into having your ducts cleaned.  Air duct cleaning will scrub your ductwork clean of dust and debris that might be hiding the the lingering odor.  Then, depending on the company you use, you can have your duct work fogged with an antimicrobial solution.  This will sterilize your ductwork, killing off any microbes and bacteria that may be contributing to the odor you are smelling.  Also often time the fogging will leave behind a pleasant odor that will then distributed throughout your home, resulting in a fresh clean smell.

(Make sure the antimicrobial solution being used is EPA certified and non harmful to pets and humans.)