Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tips for a Clean & Healthy BBQ Grill!

What is the best way to go about cleaning your backyard barbecue grill?

Whether you use your BBQ grill year round or just during the summer months, it's going to get dirty. So what are some tips to keep your grill clean and healthy?  The best advice we can give is to prevent it from getting overly dirty in the first place.  Below I will go over four tips to keep your BBQ looking and grilling its best.

1.) Don't let the food stick - 

No one wants to see old food stuck on your grill's grates. Not only is it disgusting but it's not healthy either. Avoid having stuck on food with two simple tricks.  The first, simply spray or rub cooking oil over the grates before you put your food down.  Another trick is once you have preheated your grill, rub a halved onion along the grates.  Sounds weird I know but it really does help stop your food from sticking.

2.) Clean it after every use -

This tip is pretty straight forward, clean your grill off when you are done using it. This will help keep your grill healthy and clean by reducing the build up of old food and grease over time. It is a lot easier to get food, grease and other things off your grill when it's fresh and the grates are hot. This will also help make your annual deep cleans easier.

3.) Don't forget the pan underneath - 

Many people focus all their attention on the grill grates when cleaning and forget about the pan underneath.  This can be a big mistake for several reasons.  The grills pan is where the majority of grease and food scraps end up.  Left uncleaned it can begin to attract unwanted pests like mice, rats and bugs.  Also, all this grease and old food can plug up your grills burners, making your grill less efficient. Lastly and the most important reason to remember to clean your pan is that this is where grease fires can occur. Being sure to clean it out regularly can help prevent a disaster.

4.) Deep clean it once a year -

Having a thorough grill cleaning done once a year will help keep your grill healthy and working like a champ! It can also help to minimize the wear and tear seen from years of use. For many the best times to have this done is in the fall after grilling all summer or in the spring before the grilling season starts back up again. If you are not sure on how to go about deep cleaning your grill we recommend contacting a local pro to come take care of it.

If you are in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and looking for a grill cleaning at an affordable price please visit bbq.joefilter.com.