Tuesday, February 27, 2018

When to Change Reverse Osmosis Filters

When it comes to changing your pre and post reverse osmosis filters, the best rule of thumb is to change them every 6 months.

Regular 6 month filter replacement will limit the amount of time bacteria has to build up within the filter media. An added benefit of this schedule is being able to check your RO system fittings, lines, and confirming the tank is properly pressurized on a regular basis. RO's are very sensitive, so getting a pair of eyes on them every 6 months will help you catch small problems before they turn into big ones.

Here are some commonly asked questions about RO filter changes...

I've was told to change the filters once a year, is that not true?

Changing your filters every 6 months is the best option to keep a happy RO, but the climate you live in can affect your decision. In areas with cooler temperatures you can can get away with only changing your filters annually. However in areas with warmer temperatures, like Phoenix, Arizona, you should be changing them every six months at least. This is because the warmer temperature is ideal for bacteria growth in your water.

I don't use my RO all that often, do I still need to change them every 6 months?

YES! Not using the system is the worst way to use it.  When not in use, the water your filters sit in is stagnant. This allows bacteria to grow everywhere much easier and get into the filter media quicker, resulting in your filters needing to be replaced even more frequently! The more you use the system the better the water will be, and the better the system will work.
If you are worried about your water usage, be sure to check out our Green RO option!

If my RO water doesn't taste or smell bad why do I need to change the filters?

Your RO filters should be replaced before you notice any changes in your water. If you notice a change in taste, smell and/or clarity of your RO water, you may have a much bigger issue on your hands. That means your filters are leaching contaminants and your membrane may be damaged. This can lead to costly repairs or result in needing to replace the entire system all together.

Do I need to change the Membrane every 6 months too?

Nope. If you are taking care of your system and replacing the pre and post filters regularly, your membrane should last around 2 to 5 years before needing to be replaced.

For more information on RO filter changes, or to schedule home service in the Greater Phoenix area visit joefilter.com.